Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I realised today I have bee doing this project for 5 days and I realised that I haven't blogged something that I myself have actually created! Then I realised that I've been so busy this ear going back to work and blogging that I haven't actually sat down and made anything at all yet...not a good crafty start!

So today is a really short entry about something I have made with my son. I was reading this blogpost by nicsknots, whom I have mentioned in a previous post (and who, by the way, has forgiven me for stealing her mini-tote!) and saw what she said about being a crafty Mummy. I have the same problem. People assume that because I make jewellery and do craft fairs, that I am automatically a wonderful crafty Mummy whose house is filled with wooden blocks and art materials. Sadly, my house is filled with odd socks and giant plastic workbenches, garages and ride-on-diggers that made horrible noises. I do try though. This Christmas I wanted to give handmade presents, as we are completely skint. I bought some plain white mugs and some ceramic paint and the idea was for my little guy to paint the mugs. Not a good plan! Ceramic paint is not really toddler-friendly...it goes weird and sticky and doesn't suit being loaded onto a brush and sloshed around haphazardly. The resulting mugs are...drippy. I haven't baked them or given them out as presents yet because Ramsey has lost interest in 'PAINT CUP!' and doesn't want to finish them off. Plus the excess paint has gone really weird. I'll probably have to use them as planters...or possibly as additions to our own dwindling cup cupboard.

As you can see there is loads of paint around the rim...and the handle is covered in sticky handprints. Next year I think we'll stick to presents from Boots 3 for 2...

What are your favourite ceramic items on Etsy?

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  1. Or you could buy from Boots now while they have a 50% sale on in time for next year? No, I'm not that organised either ;)
    My fav ceramics? Do these count? http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35479265