Monday, 4 January 2010


Went back to work today and I'm pooped! But I did come home to find that L had tackled the enormous mountain of washing and there is now damp clothes hanging from EVERYTHING. I'm sure it's not good for out lungs but I've congratulated him was a job I was dreading! I'm proud of him :)

Today's handmade item of the day was another fabulous craft fair purchase. We adore handmade soaps, and every time I see them at a fair I simply cannot resist but this is by fair the softest, most beautifully scented soap I have ever used...I am dreading it running out!

Mmmm delicious! We have this soap in our kitchen, it's by Saffron Bar and it's her most popular fragrance...Black Raspberry and Vanilla. The scent stays on my hands for ages afterwards and really softens my fact I think I am going to order up a new bar or two to give as pressies because it's such a lovely fragrance. You can purchase some here.

If you are enjoying my handmade project, please follow this blog, Id like to add a list of followers soon :)


  1. Bad, bad, bad Kate! I have been nearly buying some of those soaps for ages but can never choose one but I've bought that now...well what else can I use $s for ;)
    I'm following you, this blog is ace!

  2. Yay! So glad that the blog inspired you to buy something, it's reall lovel soap :)