Saturday, 2 January 2010


Today comes with a confession, my favourite soul-cleansing type of blogpost.

Last year was the second year of which I contribute to, along with momentsbymartha, sunbug (snapdragonbeads), lazygiraffe, raspberry and lovealittle, as well as various partners of said people. We run affordable craft fairs for crafters who can't afford exorbitant fees for a table in a freezing marquee. They have been superbly successful :) We are all very proud. One of the things that I do is collect promotional items for our goodie bags. You can find out more information at the blog. The packages come to my house and we all get together, and stuff bags and eat lovely food that my guests provide (I am the worst host ever).

I digress. I was cleaning out my crafting corner a few weeks back when I was horrified to discover an item that had been sent to me that had somehow missed the goody bags. Well, I wasn't THAT horrified as it happened to solve the age-old dilemma of what to store my Rummikub tiles in :)

Rummikub is a rummy-based tile game that involves sets and runs, that I've been playing with my fabulous grandmother for yonks. The tiles have to go in a bag, Usually we use a carrier bag that gets all holey and crap after a few turns. Sometime we turn the tiles all over and put them in the lid of the box. But then!! Dilemma solved, and the fabulously talented nicsknots teeny tote bag was the ideal solution! So, the confession is, and I'm really, really sorry, Nic, I shall paypal you the cash straight away, I've stolen it! I played with my fiancee today (he won) and we marvelled over the perfectness of the bag for the job.

You can purchase your own, along with loads of other quality bags and carriers, at her MISI shop here.

I hope you forgive me Nic!!

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