Friday, 1 January 2010


Happy New Year!

I haven't had the best of starts to the year, my son has been awake since 2am and is still going strong. If I don't get some sleep soon there's going to be a serious tantrum and it's not going to come from him!

I've cheered myself up by donning some super-cute earrings from the adorable Lilley. You can find her Etsy shop here. They say 'grow up' on them, and every time I wear them someone comments on them :)

Not only does she made fabulously sweet buttons and jewellery, she is also the ultimate ninja QUEEN!

How cute? The earrings I am wearing today where my second pair, purchased from Vicki at a craft fair last year. Her stall fascinated my little one, with all her colourful ninjas, I couldn't drag him away!

I'm off to try and persuade the little grumpy guy to have a nap so that poor tired Mummy can catch 40 winks...

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